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Dungeonwave Assets v0.8

A collection of colors, lines, and shapes for map and game design. Tested in Hex Kit.

Lines (roads, rivers, borders, etc.)

Roads, rivers, borders, railroads, spacelanes, whatever.

The biggest part of the pack! I've made 121 basic lines that get you into or through a hex from a corner, from the middle of the side, or a quarter way up the side (halfway between vertex and middle.) Those lines are provided in 30 variations.

  • 121 line assets
  • 5 size variations: hairline, thin, medium, thick, and chonk (see images for chonk)
  • All those sizes presented in solid, dashed, and dotted styles.
  • All those variations in both black and white
  • 121 * 5 * 3 * 2 = 3,630 ways for you to get through a hex
Early Access note: more line colors in progress for final release of pack.

Color Tiles

Full hex color tiles (100 of 'em) are grouped into palettes for organization.

  • Color Wheel - 8 simple, strong colors
  • Monochrome - white, black, and 19 shades of gray in 5% steps.
  • Sunset Overdrive - 19 rich, intense colors, inspired by the Outrun video game. (Heavy on shades of purple.)

  • Aesthetic Ice Cream - 14 pale, bright shades for lighter moods
  • Go Outside - 28 colors you might even find in nature


  • Tints - The 8 Color Wheel shades, plus black and white, as semi-transparent overlays (30% opacity), to adjust the other colors!

Gradient Hex Tiles

Use the various colors as gradient overlays or as markers on a map with 7 different sizes of each color hex.

Choose different size hexes from these color palettes:

  • Color Wheel
  • Monochrome
  • Sunset Overdrive
  • New in 0.8 - Aesthetic Ice Cream
  • New in 0.8 - Go Outside
  • Tints

Map Label Kit

Easily build maps and game boards with the included labels and label borders (in either small circles or small hexes.)

  • Includes 10 permutations of 1 to 7 small circles inside a tile.
  • Also 10 permutations of 1 to 7 small hexes inside a tile.
  • In five different border weights.
  • Frames come with transparent centers or filled with white. (Early Access note: planning more frames.)
  • Label characters in 17 different variations to fit your tile marker plan!
  • New in 0.8 - Label characters in 10 different colors.

And More...

  • 70 tileable hexagonal patterns for decoration. Several can be used as frames for letters or labels.
  • New in 0.8 - Pattern tiles in 10 different colors.

  • d20 tiles: 1 through 20, in five colors (Early Access note: other dice coming)
  • New in 0.8 - Glitchy scan lines (12 variations in 7 color combos)

Commercial License

Your purchase entitles you to use these assets in unlimited personal or commercial projects. (You just aren't allowed to re-bundle them and sell them yourself.)

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This asset pack currently enjoys Early Access pricing! Full retail price at release will be at least $10. Early access purchases will receive 6,900+ assets now, plus all updates as the Dungeonwave pack grows.


Buy Now$9.00 USD or more

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