Minor update: rev 0.7.1

Here's the changelog for today's update! More to come.

Rev 0.7.1, 19-Jun-2020
Early Access update. 6,396+ total assets * Updated the License, README, and Changelog formats.
* (updated) 2 more tileable graphic elements, total now 73
* (added) 73 tileable elements in white (now all in black, white)
* (new) 12 hex edge borders in two colors (black, white)
* (added) four more glyphs in the alphabet (period, tilde, ellipsis, slash)
* (updated) one more color alphabet (hunter green) for a total of 11
* (added) two more sizes for each gradient series
* (added) Aesthetic Ice-cream palette (14 colors) added to gradients
* (added) Go Outside palette (28 colors) added to gradients
* (added) Color Wheel palette (8 colors) added to gradients


Dungeonwave Tiles 0.7.1.zip 15 MB
Jun 19, 2020

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