Tiny update to v1.2

Minor update to 1.2

Use an editor! 

Fixed a couple inconsistencies that slipped past me in the push to publish, and the document is better for it.

New printing option

I added the 'sort of printer friendly' version - still has the full wrap-around image on the cover (love that bleak conference room) but the interior page textures are removed in this version.


hope-is-not-a-plan_1.2_pages.pdf 244 kB
83 days ago
hope-is-not-a-plan_1.2_zine.pdf 929 kB
83 days ago
hope-is-not-a-plan_1.2_zine_sort_of_printer_friendly.pdf 774 kB
83 days ago
hope-is-not-a-plan_1.2_zine_printer_friendly.pdf 414 kB
83 days ago

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