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Discover adventure while exploring the 100 Acre Wood!

Welcome to the 100 Acre Wood

Expotition is a story-telling game of exploration and friendship. You live in the Hundred Acre Wood, near Winnie-the-Pooh, Eeyore, Piglet, and other friends! Set off into new parts of the woods to have a picnic, climb a hill, visit a really big tree, or just see what's out there. Once you've had an adventure, come home and celebrate together!

Preview edition

Expotition is playable and fun, but not thoroughly playtested and optimized. The writing prompts and specific details will be refined as playtesting proceeds. Revised PDF versions will always be free updates for those who have purchased the game.

Tell Some Stories

Expotition uses regular playing cards to build a map of the woods to explore, then you wander and discover what the cards will bring you.

An Adventure Story

Play your cards face down to explore somewhere new! You are looking for something specific and you might not find it on the first try, but you can try again.

A Bedtime Story

Play your cards face up and enjoy visiting places you've been before. You can see all the options and decide what path you should take to get there!

Your Story

Expotition will provide ideas, but the details belong to you. You choose what friends are with you on your adventure, what supplies might help, what snacks to bring! And when you get home, you decide how to celebrate!

The Game

  • Simple or deep - Expotition uses a deck of cards and your imagination. You decide how far you want to go on any part of the stories that emerge.
  • Solo or multi-player - play with friends who can speak for themselves or friends you have to speak for, either way will work.
  • Family friendly - if you need some ideas for making up stories with a Smol Friend, Expotition is here to help.

Expotition was crafted using the Carta SRD, from Peach Garden Games, with deep appreciation.

What is included

What's in the box will change over time. Here's what we're looking at:

Available now

  • Expotition to the North Pole - A reprint of chapter 8 of Winnie-the-Pooh, by A. A. Milne (1926), as a layout test and for the vibe.
  • Expotition Game (Preview Edition, Rev. A) - the game is playable and substantially complete, but not thoroughly playtested.

Coming Soon

  • Expotition Game (Playtest Edition) - will add rule revisions and layout improvements to the Preview version. (Price might rise.)

Coming Later in 2023

  • Expotition Game (1st edition) - Full release of 1st edition of the game. (Price will rise.)

On the Subject of Copyright

Winnie-the-Pooh was published in the United States in 1926. Under U.S. copyright law, the book entered the public domain on January 1, 2022. Both the original text by A. A. Milne and the original illustrations by Ernest H. Shepard are included in that release, enabling the use of the characters, locations, quotes, and illustrations from Winnie-the-Pooh by anyone. Expotition does not include characters or story elements from later works.

For a deeper look at copyright issues surrounding characters that appear in multiple works, this overview at the Center for the Study of the Public Domain (a project of the Duke University School of Law) goes through the topic step by step.

StatusIn development
CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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AuthorDeus Ex Minima
Tagscarta, Family Friendly, Multiplayer, Singleplayer, Solo RPG, storygame, wholesome
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer


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